Marie-Helene Labrie, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Communications, Enerkem

“The annual CleanTech report issued by Analytica Advisors is an insightful resource with its finger on the pulse of our industry. It is a thorough, unbiased and credible tool to understand the challenges and opportunities facing the bioeconomy and how we can work together as an industry to make sure Canada becomes a strong global cleantech player.”

Christopher Bush, President, Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

"We have been pleased to participate with Analytica Advisors as they compile the Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report, and have found tremendous value in the results year after year. We live in a time where there are multiple exponentially accelerating technologies converging, and clean tech innovation is suddenly finding itself on stages the world could not have imagined even 5 years ago. I like the  AA report because it gives the right balance of depth and diversity, in a language I can understand, and they are frank with the conclusions. When they start by laying out the context, the rationale and the frameworks, it makes it a lot easier for us to drive value from the data. We all touch a “different part of the elephant”, and their report allows the best value by giving us clear reference points. We all know that we can not manage what we do not measure. The Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report will be increasingly important to us in Agriculture as robust and affordable sensor technologies become available, that will allow us to measure more and more."

Nelson Chan, Director of Business Development, Quadrogen Power Systems

“In the global clean technology industry, we need to understand the ever changing landscape of our market segment and have a pulse on the growing trends.  The support provided to us by Analytical Advisors guides us with much needed intelligence to make strategic decisions for our business planning.”

Cathy MacLellan, VP HR & External Relations, Ubiquity Solar Inc.

“The 2016 Report is an excellent, clear, in-depth analysis of Canada’s newest industry - Cleantech - as it relates to employment, trade and investment. Ubiquity Solar participates in this primary research because we believe that Analytic Advisors is providing the best information for all stakeholders in this growing albeit challenging globally competitive sector."


Darryl Nelson, CEO, NELSON Environmental Remediation Ltd.

"The work Analytica Advisors does to compile the Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report is invaluable.  Even those working in the industry often do not realize the scope of the industry we are in.  Future development of our industry is enhanced understanding where we are today and trajectory we are on.  Canadians should be proud of the initiatives our industry undertakes and the values we strive for making our industry a global player.  Only through an effort such as the one Analytica Advisors engages in can we grasp this development and remind ourselves of the important role we play in the bigger picture of global development of the clean-tech industry.  We are on a global stage the entire world benefits from, but we need to measure and monitor our progress in order to manage broadening our role, raising our profile, and developing Canadian leadership.  The Report provides crucial insight facilitating this."

George (Bud) Ivey, President, Ivey International Inc.

“The CCTI Report provides sector members, and its users, with a comprehensive body of information with metrics regarding the sector’s activities, innovations, and trends. It showcases Canada’s favorable position and the inherent challenges and opportunities being faced to strive within the global clean technology markets. Ivey International Inc. participates in the annual surveys and will continue to do so, appreciating the value this work presents for the Canadian Clean Technology Industry!”

Jack MacDonnell, CEO and President, EnerMotion Inc.

"We're experiencing a technical renaissance around the globe - clean technology is the catalyst that provides a direct impact on reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions - we in this sector know this, Analytical Advisors is ensuring the rest of the planet knows this as well starting in our own backyard in Canada. From my perspective; their efforts are simply invaluable and very much needed".

Annette Verschuren, Chair and President, NRStor

"Our country is remaking itself in a way I have never seen before.  Companies like NRStor are bringing new solutions to the world for energy, water and the air.  But any new kid on the block needs to be part of a story and part of a team.  We can count on Céline Bak to show us what we are accomplishing and how we can bring investors to the table.  She brings the environment and the economy into single focus. This will be our country’s challenge for the coming decade.   If you want to go fast, you go alone.  If you want to go far, you go together.  Céline helps us to go together."

Paul Austin, Regional Director, SDTC

“AA's knowledge of the various stakeholders in the Canadian cleantech community is unsurpassed. Analytica Advisors extensive primary research coupled with the acumen of their analysis brings great clarity to a complex and growing segment of Canadian industry. When tasked with explaining and bringing understanding to clean technologies, I rely on the models and intelligence that Analytica applies to the results of their extensive surveys. I leverage AA's experience of working with the hundreds of Canadian SME's who are the primary drivers of innovation in this sector. This experience is complemented by an in depth knowledge of the needs of the global corporates supply chains seeking efficiencies, productivity improvements and transformative new systems that is at the core of the value that "cleantech" brings in creating environmental benefits, as well as new wealth, for Canadians.”

Jim McArdle, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs & Secretary, EDC

“The [2013] report highlights what EDC has been seeing on the ground, where energy, infrastructure, mining and manufacturing interests are recognizing the important role that clean technology can play in efficiently reducing costs and resource consumption.”

Eric Murray, President and CEO, Tantalus Systems

“The 2011 Report contributes to making our industry real by building a fact-base on the Canadian clean technology industry in terms of both its accomplishments and its potential. For Tantalus Systems it’s a must do and should be for any Canadian clean technology company.”

Peter Bruijns, CEO, Biorem

“Biorem supports the Report because good market data is difficult to obtain. This survey will give us a better understanding of the pace of growth in our segment for the purposes of business planning.”