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Oct 26 2016

The 2017 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report Survey

We would like to take a moment to thank all the companies that have taken the time to participate in the survey for the 2017 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report.  We are working our way up towards the critical mass of responses that will allow us to provide much needed evidence-based research on the state of our industry.

We are almost there. The survey closes November 1st, and we hope any clean tech company reading this who has not yet completed will want to join this list of companies below, who have already gotten it done. If you want to participate, please email us.

  • AddEnergie
  • Advanced Water Technologies Inc.
  • AdvEn Industries, Inc.
  • Advonex International Corporation
  • Aeroserve Technologies Ltd.
  • Agrisoma Biosciences Inc.
  • Airborne
  • Airex Energy
  • AirTest Technologies Inc.
  • Ambience Data
  • Aquatic Informatics
  • ATD Waste Systems Inc.
  • AVEtec Energy Corporation
  • Ballard Power Systems Inc.
  • BI Pure Water
  • BioAmber
  • Biopolynet
  • BioteQ Environmental Technologies
  • Biothermica Technologies Inc.
  • Canadian Carnation BioProducts Inc
  • Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society
  • CHAR Technologies Ltd.
  • Cielo Waste Solutions Corp.
  • CircuitMeter Inc.
  • Clevest
  • CO2 Solutions Inc.
  • Company Name:
  • CORE Renewable Energy Inc.
  • Corvus Energy
  • Diacarbon Energy
  • dTechs
  • eCamion Inc.
  • Echologics
  • Eco Waste Solutions
  • Eco-Tec Inc.
  • Electrovaya Inc.
  • Enerkem Inc.
  • Ensyn Technologies Inc.
  • Entropex
  • Etalim
  • eTime Energy Inc.
  • Fenix Energy Solutions Ltd
  • Frontier Agri-Science Inc.
  • General Fusion
  • GHGSat Inc.
  • Green Power Labs Inc.
  • GreenMantra Recycling Technologies Ltd.
  • Grey Island Energy Inc.
  • HTEC Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation
  • Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M)
  • Hydrogenics Corporation
  • Hyteon Inc
  • inMotive
  • International Inc
  • Ivey International Inc.
  • Larvatria Corp
  • Legend Power Systems Inc.
  • Loop Energy Inc.
  • M.A.Turbo/Engine Ltd
  • Marnoch Thermal Power Inc.
  • MemPore Environmental Technologies Inc.
  • Mikro-Tek
  • NELSON Environmental Remediation Ltd.
  • NeoThermal Energy Storage Inc..

  • Nova Green Inc.
  • Nsolv Corporation
  • Orbite Technologies Inc.
  • Ossiaco Inc.
  • OZONATOR Industries Limited
  • PCS Technologies Inc
  • Permolex Ltd.
  • Polar Sapphire Ltd.
  • Portable Electric
  • Proteus Waters
  • Pure Technologies Ltd.
  • Pyrowave
  • QSBR Innovations Inc.
  • Quadra Solar Corporation
  • Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc.
  • Quantiam Technologies Inc.
  • Questor Technology Inc.
  • Rainforest Automation Inc.
  • REfficient Inc.
  • RenewABILITY Energy Inc.
  • Responsible Energy Inc.
  • Rite Industries ltd
  • S2G Biochemicals Inc.
  • Saltworks Technologies Inc.
  • Smart Energy Instruments
  • Solantro Semiconductor Corp.
  • Solcan
  • Solegear Bioplastic Technologies Inc.
  • SWITCH Materials Inc.
  • Synodon Inc.
  • Sysgaz inc.
  • Tenova Goodfellow Inc.
  • Titanium Corporation Inc.
  • Turbulent DIFFUSION Technology Inc.
  • Tyromer Inc.
  • Ubiquity Solar Inc.
  • UV Pure Technologies
  • VeloMetro Mobility Inc.
  • Vive Crop Protection Inc.
  • WEnTech Solutions
  • Wenvor Technologies Inc.
  • Westport Fuel Systems Inc
  • Will Solutions Inc.
  • Woodland Biofuels Inc.
  • Xogen Technologies Inc.


Aug 17 2016

Canadian Clean Technology Innovation Partnership Submission to Climate Action Consultation Portal

The Government of Canada created the Climate Action consultation portal to engage with the public on how to shape Canada's approach to climate change.  The portal can be found here.

In seeking input from Canadian individuals and firms, the federal government has created four working groups, one of which is for Clean Technology, Innovation and Job Creation. The CCTI Partnership was instrumental in ensuring that our industry was consulted and advocated for this working group. 

We are pleased to share the submissions made to the Climate Action consultation portal on behalf of the Canadian Clean Technology Innovation Partnership (CCTIP).

Policy Context - Mechanisms to Concentrate Market Signals for the Low Carbon Economy

Recommendations - Mechanisms to Concentrate Markets Signals for the Low Carbon Economy


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